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Current Directory: upstream/polytopes_db
= Reflexive Polytopes Databases =

== Description ==

This package includes lists of 2- and 3-dimensional reflexive polytopes.

The list of polygons is quite easy to get and it has been known for a while.
The list of 3-polytopes was originally obtained by Maximilian Kreuzer and
Harald Skarke using their software PALP, which is included into the standard
distribution of Sage. To work with lattice and reflexive polytopes from Sage
you can use sage.geometry.lattice_polytope module, which relies on PALP for
some of its functionality. To get access to the databases of this package, use
ReflexivePolytope and ReflexivePolytopes commands.

== License ==


== SPKG Maintainers ==

Andrey Novoseltsev <>

== Dependencies ==


== Changelog ==

=== polytopes_db-20120220 (Volker Braun 2012 Feb 20) ===
* #12553: Added PALP binary data file version. In the future,
  this will be the only data file format.

=== polytopes_db-20100210.p2 (R. Andrew Ohana, 2012-05-17) ===
* #13123: Move SAGE_DATA to SAGE_LOCAL/share

=== polytopes_db-20100210.p1 (Keshav Kini, 2012-03-18) ===
* #12694: Normalize directory structure

=== polytopes_db-20100210 (?, ?) ===
* Binary files replaced by text ones.

=== polytopes_db-20080430 (?, ?) ===
* 2008-04-30 Original version.
polytopes_db-20170220.tar.bz20.03 MB2022-05-15 22:43
MD5: 64c5fba9568891a2dbde5d433ce668e2
polytopes_db-20120220.tar.bz20.04 MB2016-01-07 23:14
MD5: 99bd633f4dfcdfef33c22b0b1b33919a
polytopes_db-20100210.tar.bz20.03 MB2013-05-02 22:24
MD5: e0dbcd6cf45b0ef2f1fbc19981a1e07c