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Current Directory: upstream/lcalc
= lcalc =

== Description ==

Michael Rubinstein's L-function calculator.

== License ==

 * LGPL V2+

== SPKG Maintainers ==

 * Rishikesh

== Upstream contact ==

Michael Rubinstein <>


Newer beta version 1.3 (not yet in Sage):

== Dependencies ==

 * GNU patch

== Special Update/Build Instructions ==

 * There is some garbage in the upstream sources which should be removed:
 * We (and apparently also upstream) currently don't build Lcalc's tests
   (see Makefile), hence there's no spkg-check.
   This might change in newer upstream versions.
 * The original Makefile uses $(CC) to compile C++ (also using $(CCFLAGS)),
   which it defines to 'g++', and hardcodes 'g++' when linking the shared
   library. (It should use $(CXX) instead, which might *default* to 'g++'.)
   We now (lcalc-1.23.p10) patch the Makefile also to use $(CXX) for compiling
   and linking C++; $(CXX) now *defaults* to 'g++', and $(CC) to 'gcc', but
   both can be overridden by simply setting their respective environment
   variables.  (Same for $(INSTALL_DIR) btw.)

== Patches ==

 * Makefile.patch:
   We change a lot there, since Lcalc doesn't have a 'configure' script,
   and hence the Makefile is supposed to be edited to customize Lcalc (build
   options, locations of headers and libraries etc.).
   Besides that, we
   - put CXXFLAGS into Lcalc's "CCFLAGS" used for compiling C++,
   - remove some stuff involving LDFLAGS1 and LDFLAGS2, setting just LDFLAGS,
   - use $(MAKE) instead of 'make' in the crude build receipts,
   - use CXXFLAG64 when linking the shared library,
   - now use $(CXX) for compiling and linking C++, which *defaults* to 'g++',
     but can be overridden by setting the environment variable of the same
     name.  ($(CC) now *defaults* to 'gcc', although currently not really
     used as far as I can see.)
   - $(INSTALL_DIR) can now be overridden by simply setting the environment
     variable of the same name.
 * Lcommon.h.patch:
   Uncomment the definition of lcalc_to_double(const long double& x).
   (Necessary for GCC >= 4.6.0, cf. #10892.)
   Comment from there:
     The reason is the following code horror from src/src/include/Lcommon.h:
     But somebody who is familiar with the codebase should really rewrite lcalc
     to not redefine the double() cast, thats just fragile and will sooner or
     later again fail inside some system headers.
 * pari-2.4.4.patch:
   Replace obsolete lgeti() by (long)cgeti().
 * init_stack.patch:
   Replace obsolete allocatemoremem() by a direct call to the private
   function pari_init_stack(). The public function allocatemem() prints
   useless warnings and is by definition treated as an error.
 * time.h.patch:
   (Patches src/include/Lcommandline_numbertheory.h)
   Include also <time.h> in Lcommandline_numbertheory.h (at least required
   on Cygwin, cf. #9845).
   This should get reported upstream.
lcalc-2.0.5.tar.xz0.79 MB2022-05-15 22:44
MD5: c496e95ae07a58085e93b2b3c3348719
lcalc-2.0.4.tar.xz0.79 MB2021-12-05 11:22
MD5: ad68ad9f8b9e120d66ba4cbc6b9a8b18
lcalc-2.0.3.tar.xz0.79 MB2021-11-23 21:30
MD5: 342f861120b7e1cc0ec015d836f409fd
lcalc-1.23.tar.bz20.47 MB2021-10-12 21:53
MD5: de7dc4e06cff7a89c5d922b4acc2be01