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Current Directory: osx/powerpc
NOTE: the OS X 10.4 binary works fine on OS X 10.5.

Pick (if available) your choice of Sage distribution:
  • *-app.dmg - to get Sage as a Mac OS X application that starts like most other Mac applications
  • *.dmg - to get the full Sage distribution for traditional Unix command-line like use
Both allow full use of the Sage Notebook and the command line.
sage-5.13-OSX-32bit-10.4-PowerMacintosh-Darwin.dmgtorrent801.42 MB2015-09-18 15:57
MD5: 649df58e3d5698309fa76612233b1ce8
sage-5.13-OSX-32bit-10.4-PowerMacintosh-Darwin-app.dmgtorrent802.66 MB2015-09-18 15:56
MD5: d933eb7be4239c6e29491e02a3604cc7
sage-6.4.1-PowerMacintosh-10.4PPC-Darwin.dmgtorrent1093.43 MB2015-09-15 13:34
MD5: 363040db265b7bc9b0277d4b18d6d450
sage-6.4.1-PowerMacintosh-10.4PPC-Darwin-app.dmgtorrent1094.39 MB2015-09-15 13:27
MD5: 16a091f067b7984b06b2e5c3865631ec