The NTS Group

The NTS group was created under the ægis of DANTE e.V at Hamburg in 1992. Its brief was "to perpetuate and develop the spirit and philosophy of TeX, whilst respecting Knuth's wish that TeX should remain frozen".

The group is currently composed of the following members:

The group's primary current activity is the further development of e-TeX, and the group are working closely with the LaTeX-3 team to ensure that functionality needed by the latter is incorporated into e-TeX wherever possible. NTS itself is being implemented in Sun's JAVA by Karel Skoupy under the direction of Prof. Jiri Zlatuska. This implementation is being funded by DANTE e.V, who have contributed DM 30 000 to cover the expenses of the first year's work.

The group gratefully acknowledges the contribution made by previous members including, but not restricted to, Rainer Schöpf and Joachim Schrod. The group also gratefully acknowledges the support (both financial and otherwise) given by the members of DANTE e.V. to the work of the project.